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If you are analyzing the possibility of entering the foreign market, CallFasst offers a comprehensive BPO call center Mexico with a variety of services.

From market studies and surveys, telemarketing services, to customer follow-up, CallFasst designs and adapts your project to the profile of the potential customer, combining state-of-the-art technology with a highly trained staff.

We have telemarketing services, technical support, customer service and collection, the variety of these services is not limited, but are adaptable and customizable according to the needs of our customers. We reach the Spanish-speaking market within Latin America and the Spanish-speaking market in the United States with our BPO call center Mexico.


Work hand by hand with CallFasst

As any business strategy, with a BPO call center for telemarketing in Mexico, is to have the support of a partner or outsourcing that already has some experience in the market.

CallFasst responds to this need by being a strategic ally with years of experience, being the ideal tool to reach the Latin market in the United States, Central and South America. Not only because our staff speaks Spanish as their native language, but also because we have a whole team of communication professionals. We are your best option for a call center BPO with presence in other countries.


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Get to know CallFasst's great trajectory

CallFasst is an excellent BPO call center Mexico. Because there is no better reference than our customers, today, we have the preference of prestigious corporations and institutions of international level, with whom we have worked for over a decade, providing excellent service.

Part of our success is the analysis of information, CallFasst has a SITE, Internet room and two areas specifically designed for the control and analysis of data, information that we send to you through executive reports, no matter where you are.


This is like having your own BPO call center

Have you lost customers due to system failures? With CallFasst, our BPO call center Mexico you leave those situations behind. Because contingencies or eventualities are not uncommon in a BPO call center, CallFasst designs your plans and strategies for the timely delivery of results in spite of the situations that may arise.

That is why we currently have two lightning rods, an emergency power plant and an uninterruptible power supply system that guarantees work for up to 24 hours in case of any eventuality.


We will become your partner

If you are a company looking for a call center BPO that can be your ally, you have found it. CallFasst is your call center with presence in Latin America that will allow you to reach new markets, as well as manage your telemarketing campaigns in Latin America. 

We offer services that will complement your action plans to reach further and expand your horizons throughout Latin America and even with the Spanish speaking market in the United States.

Even if you are looking for someone to manage your telemarketing campaigns, we are here to support you. The best BPO call center Mexico is at your fingertips.

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Check the quality of our services

For our BPO call center Mexico, CallFasst combines state-of-the-art technology with a human capital in continuous training. All our operators have the best technology in communications hardware. On the other hand, the courses for our team are based on neurolinguistic programming, thus generating good communicators and, therefore, good negotiators.

As a complement to the training, we hold meetings where we study the product or service to be offered, with the purpose of answering to full satisfaction all the questions or doubts that your customers may have in our call center BPO. Additionally, we have monitoring systems and statistical control of processes and 100% recording. Each call made can be recorded and monitored in such a way that we always maintain the quality.

By hiring CallFasst's services you gain competitive advantage and presence in the new market. Within our BPO call center Mexico many companies start from scratch: investing time in the creation of infrastructure or in the selection and hiring of new staff. With CallFasst you leave all this behind. You get your own fully operational call center BPO. From getting to know your potential customer with a market research to providing personalized attention either through traditional marketing or through online chat or email, CallFasst designs plans and strategies just tailored to your needs.

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