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You can get telemarketing services or call center for customer services and more with our professional multi-sourcing tools. In CallFasst, we offer solutions tailored to your needs, allowing you to reach new markets without losing quality personalized attention.

Our call center for customer services is certified to provide personalized attention. We use several communication channels to be able to connect with your customers and offer them the best service, because we know and understand the importance of customer satisfaction.

We work under a model of Business Process Outsourcing which combines technology and human capital by offering a service that exceeds expectations. If you're looking for a call center for customer services, here we are.



Part of our services as a call center for customer services and multi-sourcing, is to provide the tools and knowledge that will allow you to adapt to changes in the consumer.

It is for this reason that we offer our service management of surveys and market research, where you can create successful campaigns with the valuable information that such studies provide. Additionally, a market study is an excellent starting point for the generation of databases of direct or potential customers interested in your product. We seek to obtain answers so that through market research, your company can obtain favorable results and this can be reflected in your sales through our customer service in Mexico. Certified call center for customer services, only with CallFasst.

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Certainly a key to our success in our professional services is our human capital. Today, we live in a society saturated with information and advertising which seeks to make a difference, especially when making a first contact with the customer.

Therefore, we pay special attention to the selection and development of our staff. Our training instructors start from the basics of NLP and values such as respect, loyalty, honesty, consistency, trust and responsibility. Additionally, each of our vendors perform a preliminary study of the product, service or campaign to develop, in this way, our staff is ready to answer any questions, comments or complaints from customers. We have the best call center for customer service.



By offering our customer service in Mexico, you can be confident that we have an infrastructure that ensures superior service internationally. In CallFasst we offer from traditional to modern telemarketing processes like telephone, online chat, sending and receiving email, fax, and web CTI (Computer Telephone Integration).

We have a statistics department, an area of Internet communications, as well as areas specifically designed for the management and control of projects. CallFasst has the best certified call center providing customer service in Mexico.



We monitor communications with statistical data control, call timer, IVR and recording at a 100%, ensuring the maintenance of quality and continuous improvement. In the development of any project, it is well known to everyone that always incidents or contingencies may arise. Be prepared to respond to such situations, as part of the policies and objectives of CallFasst, a truly call center for customer services.

By purchasing our customer service in Mexico you will be protected from those annoying blackouts, system crashes or data loss. In CallFasst we have an emergency power plant supported by an uninterruptible power system, UPS, for its acronym in English, which allows us to work continuously for 24 hours in case of an incident. Additionally, we have redundant systems to protect your information from loss or network failure. We are the best call center for customer service.

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With our multi-sourcing professional services, you can reach the Hispanic market in the United States, Central and South America directly and easily. You can minimize risks, identify opportunities and learn more in depth the type of customer you want to reach. Our human capital gives you the advantage of speaking Spanish as their native language, thus eliminating possible errors or misunderstandings generated by a mistranslation. What's more, you at all times have the support of a group of experts who enable you to adapt your project to the Hispanic consumer profile, achieving a truly effective campaign. Contact us today to get a superior and certified call center for customer services. We are here to increase your sales and get results through our services.

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