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Internationalize your business via call center for technical support in Mexico; reach new markets without investing in infrastructure or in selection and recruitment.

With CallFasst you get your own contact center. In our certified contact center providing technical support in Mexico we are experts in creating campaigns and offshore projects for the international market and, in particular, for the Latin market in the United States, Central and South America. We offer comprehensive services ranging from market research and follow up care of your customers, where you will receive detailed reports no matter where you are.


Currently, companies develop in an increasingly competitive and globalized world. To bring your products and services to foreign markets poses many challenges but also an opportunity to reach new clients.

However, like any new environment, the advice and support of a supplier or partner who knows the market becomes necessary for the success of the campaign or project. That is why to internationalize your business via call center; CallFasst, the best call center for technical support in Mexico in the provision of customer services, becomes a strategic partner that provides solutions to its customers taking care of the environment, and with social responsibility.

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We take care of every detail when you internationalize your business via contact center and technical support in Mexico. From a study of the market that allows you to know the opinion poll and potential customers to provide personalized attention once become regular customers.

Our certified call center for technical support and customer service, providing technical support, offers market research and surveys that allow you to identify opportunities, minimize risk and even try a product before releasing it to the market. As a telecommunications company, we use only the best in technology, relying on a SITE, an Internet area, and two sections especially devoted to the control, collection and analysis of information. In CallFasst seek an integration of real-time customer, effectively solving any queries from their customers.

Through our communication channels we offer our clients and your customers the best technical support in Mexico. Don't waste time and money! Focus on offering the best to your customers and choose our call center for technical support in Mexico. It is like having your own call center.


We are professional in creating and managing databases using web marketing from traditional to online chat and email attention in our call center for technical support in Mexico.

Internationalize your business via contact center. In CallFasst we are experts in the creation and development of offshore projects for the Latin market in the United States, Central and South America. With CallFasst you can forget about those pesky language barriers, our staff speaks Spanish as their native language, not to mention the entire team of professionals that will provide all the support and consultancy to tailor your campaign to the Hispanic consumer profile. We place special emphasis on selection and training of our staff.


Part of our success as a multi-sourcing certified call center providing technical support in Mexico is the combination of technology with highly trained staff. Our instructor training courses designed from neurolinguistics programming, integrating values such as respect, loyalty, honesty, consistency, trust and responsibility. Thus, we generate in our operators the tools necessary to make them good communicators and good negotiators that can fulfill in a timely manner with the objectives of the campaign.

Any company seeking to internationalize its business via contact center is always looking for partners who can guarantee their services. In answer to this need, CallFasst generates plans and strategies that address solutions to contingencies or events, we are your best bet for certified call center providing technical support in Mexico. Therefore, we have an emerging power plant and uninterruptible power system (UPS) that will allow our staff to work up to 24 hours in case of any eventuality.

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CallFasst provides outsourcing multi-source class services. To internationalize its business via call center, you will be reaching potential customers in a fast, safe and efficient. Because information management is essential in our service, CallFasst has redundant systems that will protect your data from system crash or data loss. Managing this type of service has been extremely beneficial for customers including our partners, who receive more efficient service. CallFasst has much to offer, we invite you to learn more about our services and get an edge over your competition with our certified call center for technical support in Mexico.

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