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Our campaigns and development of offshore projects is a response to the need for companies to expand their business into new regions. Why take the risk to invest in facilities and hire new staff? Today you can hire your own contact center with technical support services in Mexico and enjoy the services that the best company offers you, CallFasst.

If you can acquire the services of a contact center technical support in Mexico existing in the region and, best of all, a contact center with years of experience, which works with large corporations in the country. With CallFasst you will not have to start from scratch, you will become a powerful tool to enter the market. The best contact center for technical support in Mexico, only CallFasst.


Before starting with the development of offshore projects and campaigns, CallFasst offers studies and market research. This type of analysis is very important because they reveal a series of data that can even help improve or confirm the objectives and goals of the project.

Market research can generate effective and successful campaigns with the valuable information they provide to detect opportunities, minimize risk and learn more in depth the type of client you want to reach. If you're looking for technical support services in Mexico, customer service, telemarketing and debt collection contact us today.

The best way to reach new markets is through our technical support services in Mexico.

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We start from successful models of customer interaction such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) achieving low operational complexity and efficient retrieval of results. If you are looking to take your business to new markets, you've come to the right place and take advantage of our technical support services in Mexico.

CallFasst is a multi-sourcing contact center specializing in the development of offshore projects and campaigns. We take care of every detail of the operation, including generating processes and solutions to contingencies that may arise. In CallFasst we have an emergency power generator and an uninterruptible power system (UPS) that will allow us to work continuously for 24 hours in case of any incident. The best contact center technical support in Mexico.


We have redundant systems that can protect your data from those annoying data loss, network failures or system crashes in our call center for technical support in Mexico. In this way, we ensure continuity in the work, avoiding loss of customers due to poor service.

One aspect that distinguishes us in the development of campaigns and projects offshore is our human capital. In CallFasst we take care in preparing our sales; our instructors design their training courses from the basics of neurolinguistics and values such as respect, loyalty, honesty, consistency, trust and responsibility.

We offer more than comprehensive services such as telemarketing, collections, technical support and customer care; we offer solutions for each of your needs as a company looking to reach the Spanish speaking market. 

Choose CallFasst for the best technical support services in Mexico.


Our staff is ready to carry out their communication with your customers and efficiently solve their doubts, comments or questions. If you are looking to develop offshore campaigns and projects to the Hispanic market, CallFasst is your best choice for a call center for technical support in Mexico. With us you will eliminate language barriers because we have a team that speaks Spanish as their native language.

With CallFasst you can reach the Hispanic market in the United States, Central and South America; we are a call center for technical support in Mexico. It's no secret that today we live in a digital society where the pace of business is constantly changing. Therefore, in CallFasst we have interaction systems ranging from traditional phone technologies to modern telemarketing service processes such as online chat, formal care through e-mails, fax, and web integration or CTI (Computer Telephone Integrator).

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Because when developing campaigns and projects of offshore strategic management, information gathered is very important, in our contact center technical support in Mexico we have a department of statistics, an internet room, SITE, an area for web communications and two areas specifically designed to control and direct our services. Thus, not only we have the tools to collect data but also the infrastructure to analyze and synthesize information to detail that you request. We live in a knowledge era where information has become essential in strategic decision-making. In CallFasst we recognize the importance of efficient information management; you'll count with the help of experts who enable you to tailor your campaign to the Hispanic consumer profile.

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