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Optimize customer attention with CallFasst, the best contact center for technical support in Spanish. We offer solutions tailored to your needs. This is one of the services we offer, in which through our Spanish technical support you have the opportunity to connect directly with your customers after their purchase.

Whether you seek a market survey, telemarketing services or database generation, rest assured that CallFasst will be the best strategic partner in the care and monitoring of your direct customers. We are a 100% Mexican company that works on successful models such as BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and CRM, models that have produced excellent results both in Europe and in America.

You won't regret hiring CallFasst's Spanish technical support service. We offer more than comprehensive services such as telemarketing, collections, and customer care; we offer solutions for each of your needs as a company looking to reach the Spanish speaking market.


Optimize customer care, including anticipated changes and trends in customers. In CallFasst, a call center with Spanish technical support, telemarketing and customer service, we offer market studies and surveys, minimizing the risk, identifying opportunities, including testing products or services before launching them to the market.

Our team is skilled in promoting the services, data recording, contact center professional services for corporate attention to mobile phone users, database generation, and customer service from traditional phone marketing to many other services.

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Today CallFasst, a call center for Spanish technical support, is the best tool for reaching the Latin market in the United States, Central and South America, not only for the benefit that our staff speak Spanish as their native language, but also because we have a team of experts in the management of offshore campaigns.

With us, you can reach new markets abroad, eliminating language barriers, adapting your product or service to a potential consumers profile and where at all times CallFasst optimizes customer care. You will always be informed, receive regular reports on the progress of the project, no matter where you are. Our capacity provides our clients with the best of all worlds: excellent quality, experience, and service.


The trend towards globalization of markets, as well as the increased competition has created new challenges for the modern enterprise, which has to allocate time and resources in areas such as administration, logistics, production and customer tracking.

CallFasst, the best contact center for technical support in Spanish, helps in this last part providing care that exceeds the expectations of its consumers. With us you can optimize care to your customers without having to invest in infrastructure or in selection, recruitment and training of staff, you will get your own contact center equipped with the latest technology and staffed with years of experience.

One of the main points that allow a customer to be captive to a company, is the technical support, CallFasst has this very present, that is why we dedicate our best tools to make the best work of Spanish technical support, in this way, your customers will be satisfied with the attention they receive and will not go anywhere else.


When it comes to optimizing customer care, we talk about having an infrastructure that ensures the achievement of results, even though contingencies or situations that may arise. Currently, CallFasst has facilities that can continue to work up to 24 hours in case of an emergency or eventuality. Get to know the best contact center for technical support in Spanish, you will not be disappointed.

We have an emerging power plant and uninterruptible power system (UPS, for its acronym in English) and redundant systems that will protect your information from those annoying system crashes or data losses. With CallFasst your customers receive an agile service, avoiding those tedious waiting periods. All our operators are trained to work against the clock, without neglecting or giving a lower level of care in our call center for technical support in Spanish.

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CallFasst has systems for monitoring and statistical control, IVR and recording systems to a 100%. Every call our staff makes may be recorded or monitored, so that the quality of service is always guaranteed. And there is no better reference than our customers, with whom we have had the opportunity to work for many years in major campaigns and projects. Do not think twice, optimize how you care for your customers without having to invest time or extra resources; on the contrary, make it easy with CallFasst, the absolute best choice when you're looking for a contact center for technical support in Spanish.


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