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CallFasst offer your own inbound call center. From surveys and market research, attention to mobile phone users, credit card placement, mobility and rotation analysis, care and monitoring of customers, we design for you packages and services to suit your requirements.

We work with efficient models like the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and CORP, the latter has been particularly successful in America. That is why we can safely say that we have professional service, we are the best outbound call center services option for your company. We have presence in Mexico, other Spanish speaking countries, as well as in the Latin market in the United States of America. Contact us today to know more about our services.


Reach a new market with our inbound and outbound services

If you are looking to reach the Hispanic market, CallFasst offers the best inbound call center services and solutions. We offer outbound call center services specializing in the creation and development of offshore projects.

One of the main points that allow a customer to be captive to a company, is the customer service, CallFasst has this very present, that is why we dedicate our best tools to make the best inbound call center services and solutions, this way, your customers will be satisfied with the attention they receive and will not go anywhere else.

We offer information that will serve in strategic decision-making. So CallFasst provides market studies and surveys, where you can spot opportunities, minimize risks and test products before launching them in the market. If you are looking to venture abroad or reach potential consumers, CallFasst is the answer.


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Professional advice from our team

We offer outbound call center services to reach the Latin market not only in Mexico but also in the United States, Central and South America with the best customer service. Our offer provides great advantages and benefits, including eliminating those pesky language barriers, as all of our operators speak Spanish as their native language.

Additionally, you will count at all times with the support and advices of a professional team that will help you tailor your campaign to the profile of your potential consumers. Part of our strategy as an inbound call center with solutions and services is to be ready to respond even under any contingency. That is why we have 2 lightning rods, an electrical system and an uninterruptible power system (UPS) that allow us to work up to 24 hours after any eventuality.


Your option to significantly increase your sales is CallFasst

Information management is the foundation of our business, that is why we protect your data by using our redundant systems against those pesky system crashes or data losses. For starters, we have a SITE and a statistics department and two areas exclusively dedicated for management and control of information.

No matter where you are, you will always receive executive reports on the progress of the project or campaign of our inbound call center services.

The best customer service is provided by CallFasst

Because our customers are our best introduction when it comes to inbound call center, CallFasst, currently enjoys the preference of major institutions and internationally renowned companies, with which we have worked continuously, providing comprehensive solutions to all their requirements of businesses.

Part of our success as an inbound call center with customer service, telemarketing, and technical support, is the combination of great technology with a highly trained staff. In CallFasst we realize the importance of training each of our operators and make them good communicators and good negotiators because they are the first contact with your customers. That is why our instructors are particularly concerned with the design and development of training courses, based on the foundations of neurolinguistics as well as values such as trust, responsibility, respect, loyalty, honesty and consistency.

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Because knowledge and understanding of the product is essential to the success of a campaign or project in our inbound call center, we hold workshops where we study in depth every detail, with the aim that every time your customers have a question or comment, these are answered to the satisfaction by our staff. As an inbound call center we provide a service that exceeds by far the expectations of its users. Therefore, we have systems of statistical control and monitoring, IVR and recording, where every conversation that our operators have with your customers may be recorded and monitored, thus maintaining the service quality. 

Do not think twice, we invite you to contact one of our consultants and see everything that CallFasst offers and the inbound call center that is your best option.

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