Specialized debt collection in Mexico and Latin America


Our contact center with customer service and debt collection in Mexico is certified to provide personalized attention. We have a debt collection service in Mexico for your customer portfolio to catch up on payments and increase your sales. We use several communication channels to connect with your customers to offer them the best service, this because we know and understand the importance of collection services, we seek to offer an experience far from the uncomfortable to those delinquent customers in payments.

When you join forces with CallFasst, you get an integrated solution and an experienced team of professionals. With CallFasst there is not need to integrate with multiple systems and no need to manage multiple partners.

Among our multiple services, we also offer you our debt collection in Mexico and other services. CallFasst is an overall outsource solution, which can provide your company from inbound logistics and order fulfillment, to call center services, returns processing and all the technology that makes it happen.


At a local, state, and national level CallFasst is well-known as an ongoing company with a spotless reputation.  With CallFasst, you can obtain the benefits that come from using multiple vendors while interfacing with a single company. We invite you to have someone with subject matter expertise who will take ownership over your contact needs thus letting you focus on your own core business.

Our company is based on the principles of values so that customers can find solutions to their payment problems. Our employees are trained to offer the best debt collection in Mexico, you don't have to worry about your overdue accounts, we do it for you.

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We are aware that the business is in real time and there is no getting back after a call is messed up. Nowadays, customer services and debt collection service in Mexico have become one of the most important areas within any company; whether it is a small-sized or a big company.

CallFasst is determined to make the difference in debt collection in Mexico, thus our focus is based on high-end quality and experience people at the helm to drive this extremely intense business. Furthermore, accent neutralization and training in various situations should be absolute and the message should be pretty much clear on how a call should be handled.


Effective knowledge management not only enables first-contact resolution of problems and questions, but it also allows companies to capture customer feedback and it positions your company to deliver the best solutions for your clients in debt collection in Mexico.

Growth in the industry has put skilled employees in high demand, driving up competition and labor costs. If you acquire customer support management and debt collection service in Mexico and other services with CallFasst, you will notice that our high-qualified staff has successful knowledge management, which is strategically necessary for retaining valuable information and delivering fast, efficient results in resolving problems.


Customer support management and debt collection service in Mexico, along with other services, allow you to improve sales and should become one component of your overall marketing and sales efforts. Currently, many companies are using telemarketing to multiply incomes and reduce cost. Efficient and effective telemarketing saves time, money and effort for both the companies and their customers. Outsourcing call center services is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to target prospects and potential clients.

CallFasst has the resources, technology and operational expertise in place to help companies expand globally and exceed their customer sales, services and marketing expectations. We are the best company with debt collection in Mexico and other services. Many marketing campaigns are designed to generate telephone inquiries. Then it is up to our telephone sales reps to qualify those leads and convert the best of them into customers. CallFasst provides you the best call center services, just to improve your incomes.

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Our most important aim is to ensure customer satisfaction while containing costs, where new technologies must be implemented to achieve this goal. Supplying business companies with professional call center services and debt collection in Mexico and customer contact management is what we do best. Our company specializes in all forms of call center outsourcing services. It includes outbound and Inbound call center services which helps you better use your time, money and resources. Within our main services, you can have an endless list of helpful advantages like appointment scheduling, research surveys, debt collection, and telemarketing in mortgage, insurance, telecom industries, order taking service, call center technical support, customer service, help desk & answering services, etc.

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