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If you just want smart services via outsourcing you have come to the right place. From the traditional phone services to telemarketing via chat or email, in CallFasst we provide spanish call center in Mexico and global solutions to your needs as a company.

We are a 100% Mexican company that will be with you every step of the project of international call center services. From market research, database generation to consultative and advisory services to your direct clients, rest assured that you will be hiring one of the best contact centers with specialized customer service in Mexico and in Latin America.



If you are looking to reach the international market through a international call center services, our smart phone services via outsourcing will provide not only an overview of the market but also provide you with the means to reach your potential customers quickly and easily.

Conducting market research to enable public opinion polls, including improvements to your products or services from before market release, thus minimizing potential risks and identifying opportunities. Additionally, we are a specialized customer service in Mexico, no need for you to invest time or resources in infrastructure or recruitment.

Get to know us, we offer the best telemarketing, technical support and collection services that your company needs, all this so you can reach new markets, not only in the United States of America, but also throughout Latin America.

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From the placement of credit cards to the analysis of mobility and rotation of products, we are professional in international call center services via outsourcing. We place special emphasis on the preparation of our staff, seeking to generate good communicators, good negotiators.

Our instructors for specialized technical support service design their training courses starting from the basics of neurolinguistics and values such as honesty, consistency, respect, loyalty, responsibility and trust. We work under efficient and the latest models like Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Customer Relationship (CRM) and the so called CORP, particularly successful in America. In each phase of the project we conduct workshops where we study in depth the product or service to offer, in order to answer all questions or concerns that your customers may have.

Get to know the best spanish call center in Mexico, we are CallFasst, your solution.



Because time is essential when one talks about specialized customer service in Mexico, all our operators are trained to answer to your users in a relatively short time, while still being attentive or efficient.

Today in CallFasst, the best spanish call center in Mexico, we have monitoring systems, data statistical control, IVR and recording so that each of our operators conversation with your customers may be recorded and monitored, thus maintaining the quality of our services via outsourcing. With CallFasst, you get your own international call center services immediately, without starting from scratch, and obtaining a staff with years of experience in specialized customer service in Mexico via outsourcing.



In this way you can reach new markets, for example, the U.S. Latin market, as well as Central and South America. We develop for you offshore campaigns in specialized customer service in Mexico and technical support, where our team of professionals will help you tailor your project to profile potential customers, not to mention, all our operators speak Spanish as their native language. Thus, you no longer have the problem of those pesky language barriers or loss of data due to bad translations.

Because talking about quality services via outsourcing is speaking of guaranteed results, in CallFasst we have the infrastructure necessary to meet the objectives, even if some contingencies presented. In our contact center for customer service we have an emerging power plant and uninterruptible power system (UPS) that allow us to work up to 24 hours in case of an incident. Our infrastructure is designed to operate independently in the event of loss of power.

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Because your information is really important, at CallFasst we use redundant systems, thus protecting your data from those annoying crashes. So we continue to work on the amount of progress that we had been, avoiding delays or even loss of customers for those uncomfortable periods of time. 

With CallFasst, your customers get a fast, dynamic and efficient service. We offer simply the best specialized customer service in Mexico; contact us today to know more and reach new markets by having your professional contact center without having to make an exorbitant investment, get to know us.

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