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One of the main reasons for requiring contact center Mexico, is that many times we stagnate due to lack of time, or lack of resources to answer calls, this can generate irreversible damage to your company, because if your customers do not receive the attention they expect, they can represent a loss in the business. You can save time, save money, and give your customers a professional service and attention, improving your business image as a result of having satisfied customers with the attention they receive from a contact center in Mexico. 

In addition to the above, by hiring a contact center Mexico for companies, you will have greater control, since whoever gives you the service will also be responsible for making records of calls made, and this will allow you to make important decisions in the future.

Contact center in Mexico with up-sell and cross-sell services

Many times as a company, we require experts to guide us in terms of sales, this is a point in favor of CallFasst, since our contact center services for companies, allows our employees to perform this type of up-sell and cross-sell services, ultimately a point to consider to inevitably increase sales in your business.

When we talk about up-sell we refer to the sales technique, in which a certain salesperson persuades the customer to buy a more expensive or updated product in comparison with the service or product he/she was already acquiring, that is to say, his/her sale becomes a bigger one, and therefore more profitable. 

On the other hand, the cross-sell is the action carried out by the seller, in order to sell an additional product or service to an existing customer. In this way, you are in front of a non-new customer, acquiring a new and additional product. 

This is one of the advantages that you can get by hiring the service we offer at CallFasst, the contact center Mexico that offers a wide variety of services and communication channels to contact your customers or future customers. 

CallFasst is dedicated to providing excellence in integrated customer care solutions for our clients. We do this through a plethora of experience, superior technology and dedicated knowledgeable associates.

We have the best contact center services, you can choose among inbound/outbound outsourcing services, chat online and/or e-mailing. Our advantageously located contact center services are staffed with highly qualified and fully bilingual agents to fit your marketing needs.

Our services team has a diverse background in the contact center Mexico business, all of them with previous call center experience. We understand that your contact center services team must think strategically, as a business manager, but also be able to operate tactically to meet your needs.

Their knowledge of the products gives them the ability to exploit their previous experience to create leading-edge, proven solutions for our clients. Our team operates in a consultative fashion and openly shares their expertise with our clients to enhance performance and quality. You won't find a more expert team anywhere in the industry today.


We back our extensive industry experience with proven recruiting, hiring, education and supreme quality processes in the contact center services outsourcing industry today.

CallFasst is one of the most important providers of contact center services with customer base growth, retention and increased returned of investment. We have experience with a wide variety of both consumer and business telecommunication programs.

One of our most important points to consider when hiring our contact center in Mexico, is that we are much more advanced in offering various options to contact your customers directly. A contact center Mexico is not just the option of making calls to customers or future customers of your company, but has various means to establish contact, for example the use of mass chats on websites, the use of social networks, WhatsApp and SMS. We are talking about the fact that customer service strategies are carried out and customers are contacted through traditional formats, such as telephone calls, as well as other digital options, such as those already mentioned. 

Whenever you are looking for a solution to problems due to lack of time, or lack of staff dedicated exclusively to offer your products; sales follow-up, technical support, or even a collection service; you better look for a contact center in Mexico that has several options and a wide variety of services, that is, that is not limited only to phone calls. 

CallFasst offers you this wide variety of services to make contact with your customers, since the means and methods of interaction with the customer allow you to reach further and with a greater scope.

Highly trained personnel

Our contact center in Mexico has more than 20 years of experience offering integral services for companies of diverse sectors, that is why we do not hire personnel randomly, but we look for our telephone advisors and collaborators to have affinity with this type of services, besides we keep them in constant training so that your clients can receive the best service from our collaborators.

Our advisors analyze and study in depth the products and services that our clients offer in order to make them known and give support and personalized attention to each consumer.

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CallFasst is a contact center in Mexico located in Queretaro and San Luis Potosi, offering technology and information products and services for over 20 years. We are the alternative and tool you need to offer services to your customers without having to waste time and resources, but to optimize all the work you do in your own company. 

Among the wide variety of services we offer, we have customer service, technical support, collections, and telemarketing, just to mention a few. With CallFasst, you will get a quality service and the most complete in the market, we are the most specialized contact center that uses a variety of communication channels, we are not limited to phone calls, we use all possible channels to contact your customers or potential customers, all according to the service or product you sell or want to offer as a company. 


Customer service is one of the most important areas that a company should have, therefore, our contact center offer quality and experience to conduct this area of your business, offering results and seeking to train our consultants constantly. 

Every day it is more notorious and common that companies use telemarketing as a tool to multiply their income, increase their sales considerably, by hiring a contact center Mexico as CallFasst you can reduce costs and achieve these objectives that we mentioned. Telemarketing campaigns save time, money and effort, it is easier and less expensive to work with prospects and potential customers through various communication channels, which in this case should not always be through the phone call, CallFasst offers various media and communication channels, as well as technological tools to achieve your sales goals.

We offer the best services! CallFasst knows that every company has unique customer service needs. We will work with you to make sure we understand any specific instructions you provide for answering your calls and dispatching them.

CallFasst provides extensive agent education to prepare their agents with all the necessary skills to be successful in a call center environment and for their customers. Recognized adult learning methodologies are utilized to deliver client-specific education, and then representatives are tested extensively to insure they firmly grasp all client requirements.

As one of the most experienced contact center Mexico, today we can tell you that we have the tools you need to give a twist to your business, offering other products or services to your customers, contacting them through various means and channels, always looking to provide a solution to their problems. We are not limited to phone calls, we are a complete contact center in Mexico with services that will save you time, resources, personnel, and in addition, will allow you to see an increase in your sales.


One of the most important points to consider when it comes to a company that offers services, is that it specializes in providing excellent customer service, as this point is what every company is looking for, to avoid losing customers.

We offer services for companies with the best customer service, we are present when your consumer needs you. Through customer service, you get client loyalty and retention of your customers. We make sure that the information reaches your consumers in a timely manner, all this during the customer's life cycle. We design multichannel campaigns for you to have greater success in sales, we provide customer service to companies of all sizes and our coverage is both national and international. Our contact center Mexico has trained personnel and technological tools to achieve all your goals. 

We have the solution for each of your needs: 

Attention and service to users

Order taking

Order clarifications and doubts

Service registrations/cancellations

Reminders via e-mail and SMS

Virtual campaigns


Payment reception

Information about products and services

We can provide customer service so that your objectives are met and you do not lose any resources, on the contrary, generate more sales and a greater number of regular or constant customers. 

When it comes to customer service, CallFasst offers the most excellent contact center services, we conduct customer surveys and measure the quality of the service we provide. In addition, our request manager allows us to follow up on emails in less time.

Technical Support

Another very important point that as a company that offers services and products you should consider, is to be able to give your customers an excellent technical support service with a professional contact center in Mexico such as CallFasst.

Solving problems of your customers is one of the most important things, since it depends on it that they remain your customers, because getting immediate technical support and solve the problems or problems with your product or service, will allow you to give an excellent impression and continue as their first choice of purchase, in the same way, it is almost certain that your customer will continue to retain the services you offer or buy your products again, so in our contact center in Mexico, CallFasst, we give technical assistance to your customers, with the same quality and professionalism with which you would do it. As a contact center in Mexico, we offer solutions that provide support and personalized technical advice, as well as follow up on your customer's concerns, and information modules, everything your customers want or need to know about the products and services they have purchased.

We offer a wide variety of means of contact, such as mass chats, WhatsApp, phone calls or SMS; and through our multichannel campaigns, we meet your goals of providing a fully professional technical support to all your consumers, this way, you do not lose customers and save time and resources

As a contact center Mexico with more than 20 years of experience, it is very important for us that you know that we meet the quality indicators you require.

At CallFasst, the most experienced contact center Mexico, we want to partner with you and provide a customized solution for each of your customers.


We provide real solutions in every call, message, e-mail and we do it by giving the best attention.


We are able to optimize your customer service window, so you will see more satisfied and satisfied customers.


Our team will attend to the largest number of your customers within their working hours.


Problem resolution in the shortest time possible.


We reduce considerably the amount of unattended calls. At CallFasst, the most experienced call center in Mexico, we want to partner with you and provide a customized solution for each of your customers.


Surely on more than one occasion you have asked one of your employees to make collection calls, or you have reached the point where you urgently require a contact center in Mexico to help you recover your overdue portfolio, definitely, the best option is CallFasst, because we provide immediate solutions to your problems and we seek to solve your collection problems in the shortest possible time and in the best way. 

At CallFasst, the best contact center in Mexico, we help you to reduce your overdue accounts receivable, no matter the situation. Before, we must understand something, and that is that each case is different, when performing a telephone collection service, the specific situation of the client must be considered. We handle strategies for each situation, and we achieve the recovery of overdue accounts receivable, without affecting the relationship with your client. We offer solutions to act, according to the moment in which the client's debt is. In addition we make use of various channels to get in touch and thus recover your overdue portfolio, not only we make calls, but we contact us by various means, according to the needs that you as a company have. 

As already mentioned, one of our solutions is:

Recovery of overdue accounts receivable.

Regardless of the situation, we do what is necessary for the recovery of the same, without affecting your relationship with the client, and we consider each case specifically.

Preventive collection via email, SMS or virtual calls.

We are the contact center Mexico that you need, that's why our means of contact with your customers are not limited to phone calls, but we make use of technology to offer more options to contact your customers and remind them of payment.

As you can see, CallFasst can become your ally to cover your collection needs, no matter the stage of debt within your overdue portfolio, we help you to recover it so you don't keep losing resources.



Telemarketing is a tool that has long been used in sales, it is a method that you can use when you are looking to advertise a new product among your customers, or simply want to generate more sales, using technological resources and various channels of contact. In our contact center Mexico we know that this tool can be very helpful for your company, that's why with telemarketing we generate more prospects and more sales opportunities, all at a lower price, in the contact center in Mexico that offers you convincing results. 

We focus on providing you with solutions that adapt to your needs and allow you to reach new markets. We take care of creating multichannel campaigns so that your sales are higher and you can find the best way to contact more prospects. We provide you with solutions that solve each of your needs:

Product launches

Sales of TDC, insurance, services or products

Up-sell and cross-sell

Promotions of products and services

We monitor each of our marketing campaigns. We are a professional contact center Mexico that seeks to improve your campaigns through our various communication channels. We do everything in our power to give you the ability to increase your sales and use the media and communication channels that will make you reach more prospects and achieve your sales goals. One of the advantages that you will notice, hiring a contact center in Mexico, as we are in CallFasst, is that we ensure an optimal level of service, because all our campaigns are monitored by various indicators, this in order to take preventive or corrective actions, as appropriate, especially sales per hour, connection and occupation, as well as measuring the performance of consultants in their working day. 

You should also know that in our contact center services, we validate the information, product updates or offers and that it is disseminated in the correct way; and we perform an evaluation to identify gaps in product knowledge.


When we know that we require the support of a contact center in Mexico, it is best to look for an option that has experience in all the services it offers. A clear example is CallFasst, a company that provides contact center services. With more than 20 years of experience in dealing with consumers from companies of different industries. 

We try to provide solutions that fit your needs, we offer the most experienced contact center in Mexico for companies. Our work is determined by the needs of our clients, the company for whom we provide the service.

We contact your customers through various communication channels, such as e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, virtual calls or mass chats on the web.

Among the services we offer are telemarketing, collections, technical support and customer service. Through these services and according to your requirements we can make your sales have a considerable increase without you having to make a large investment for it, that is what defines us as the contact center in Mexico with more experience.

We know how important it is to be present when your customer needs you, that's why our consultants are trained to provide the attention and service that your customers would receive if you were talking to them yourself. No matter your company's line of business or the inconvenience you have, our campaigns are designed to give you the success you are looking for. 


We help our customers remain the top companies in their industries. If you'd like more information regarding CallFasst contact center in Mexico, please contact us today and speak to a CallFasst representative about how a decision to outsource inbound and outbound calls with us can help your business grow. With a fast, friendly, and professional manner on the other side of the phone line, your clients will feel as if they are talking to an actual employee of your company. Using CallFasst will enable your business to grow. You will experience a significant increase in the number of customers and potential customers. You will acquire more customers, reduce operating expenses and increase your incomes if you give us a try, you won't regret it.

Contact us today, learn about the contact service in Mexico that we offer, we have the solution to your problems, with CallFasst you will not have to hire a new staff of employees to perform these services, nor make expenses in training, do not waste time and do not waste resources, hire professionals in contact service in Mexico for companies and let your employees do the work that corresponds to them, while CallFasst employees help you solving the problems of service for your customers.

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